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bring the Fire

We promise to always "Bring The Fire" by providing you with high-quality, hand-crafted, small-batch medicine - proudly grown in Millwood, WV.  


Our mission is to provide our patients and customers with high-quality, sustainably produced medicine. 


We’ll make it easy to select, understand, enjoy, trust and love our products.



the First home of hillfire 
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We Are Respectful

  • We are honored and humbled to serve our patients and customers.

  • We are serious about our job but lighthearted about our day.

  • We are all individuals. We are kind to and respectful of each other and appreciate each other’s quirks. We trust, support, and believe in each other.

  • We all rely on “two ears and one mouth” to engage in constructive dialogue to reach conclusions and move forward together.

We Are Leaders

  • We take ownership. Everyone is a leader.

  • We know that true leaders inspire other leaders, not followers.

  • We approach every new day, every new task as a new opportunity to lead and help others lead.

  • We keep our commitments and communicate diligently when we cannot.

We Are Innovators

  • We aim high and set bold goals to further our mission and impact.

  • We lead our industry to set standards for products that are scientifically researched, sustainably produced, and affordable to our customers.

  • We know that our success depends on continuous improvement and learning.

We Are Constantly Honing our Greatness for Good Leaders

  • We are committed to building a stable, sustainable business that can be a force for good in the World and that our team, patients and customers can depend upon over time.

  • We are growing people, striving to create fulfilling careers for our team and successful outcomes for our patients and customers.

  • We go the extra mile to ensure the success of our patients, our customers, our local communities and stakeholders and our environment.

  • We support our local communities and share our success and passion with our neighbors and our team members.

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