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Keep Tabs on Your Terps

With so many medical cannabis options to consider, it can be hard to keep tabs on it all, especially the terms and language used in the medical cannabis community.

You’ve probably heard the word terpenes before but what are they, and how can they make your experience with cannabis better?

Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Have you ever touched a lemon and smelled your hands? The primary aroma compound you’d smell is Limonene. Limonene is one for the main 8 terpenes found in Cannabis. There are 30,000 terpenes around the globe, and several hundred of them have been found in cannabis, but the 8 most abundantly found in cannabis are what we like to keep tabs on.

You may be familiar with the terms THC and CBD, but what most patients don’t know is that the terpenes found in cannabis, along with cannabinoids (you can find our cannabinoid guide here *link to cannabinoid guide*) play a major role in the affects you experience when you use medical cannabis products.

Because of the major role they play, we recommend keeping tabs on your terps. The easiest way to do this is keeping a “Terp Journal” by keeping tabs on what strains you use, the way you feel prior to using them, the immediate effects you experience, and the effects you feel 30/60 minutes after your initial use. This way you can figure out which terps work best for you, and which strains you should use!

So, let’s get in too! Below you will find the main 8 terpenes and information on their potential effects, expected aroma and taste, and other natural sources of them that you may be more familiar with.

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